Piano Movers

It’s not easy to transport a piano, whether it’s an upright or a concert grand. Moving a piano from one place to another necessitates extensive preparation and expertise, supplies, and a large number of hands to assist. These oversized, oddly shaped instruments are not only heavy but also contain delicate parts that must be handled with care. Although you can pass a piano on your own, most people choose to leave it to the professionals. is a full-service moving company that will take the stress out of relocating your prized instrument. We specialize in piano moving services in addition to providing residential and industrial transfers of all sizes and distances. Our mission is to make your piano relocation as simple as possible, moving it safely to its new location, so you don’t have to worry about anything. Contact our team today by phone, talk, or the quote form to receive a free piano moving estimate!


You may only need a piano transferred from one room to another, or you may require your piano transported to another state. Whatever your requirements, we will provide piano moving services to meet them:


When moving a baby grand, grand, or concert piano, it’s common to have to disassemble it first. This move is necessary when driving a larger piano through doorways and onto a moving truck. By making the piano more comfortable to load and transport, disassembly also decreases the risk of injury to movers or property damage. Taking the time to disassemble the instrument properly ensures its safety during transport.


You can count on our help if you’re planning a local transfer and need your piano relocated from one place to another. If you need assistance with an in-home piano transfer or a move from one residence to another, we will assist you. Our team works efficiently to transport your piano across town in a matter of hours, allowing it to be reassembled and tuned the same day. 

MOVING CROSS-COUNTRY WITH A PIANO will handle your cross country piano transfer, whether you’re moving your whole household. The US Department of Transportation has approved us as an interstate mover, and we regularly transport between. We can transport your piano alone or with the rest of your belongings across the world, ensuring its safe arrival.


When it comes to moving a piano, getting the right equipment for the job is critical due to the instrument’s size, weight, and fragile nature. Our team arrives with all of the requisite tools to handle any part of the relocation. We disassemble the piano with specialized piano equipment, then cover all of the pieces in moving blankets and secure them with movers’ wrap to keep them safe. To ensure a smooth journey to and from the moving truck, our team uses piano dollies and skid boards. This equipment also aids in the prevention of scrapes and skid marks on the floors. We lock the instrument after it has been loaded to prevent it from moving during transportation. Our selection of high-quality moving equipment ensures that your prized mechanism remains safe and sound during the relocation.


If you need to store your piano when relocating, will help you make the transition from your current home to storage and then back to your new home. At each of our sites, we have climate-controlled warehouse storage. To protect your piano from changing temperatures, climate control is essential. Extreme changes in temperature and humidity can warp wood, keys, and premature-controlled setting. Our team will pick up your piano and transport it to our secure, controlled storage space to make piano storage easy. It schedule delivery to your new residence when you’re ready to finish your shift.


We work methodically and meticulously to dismantle and reassemble your piano after delivery, just as we did when disassembling it. Let us know where you want the instrument to go, and we’ll work with you to get it rebuilt in the right spot. You can retune it after the reassembly job is finished and enjoy tickling the ivories for years to come.